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Sales Training Shows = More ROI

Posted by Brandon Carson on Feb 12, 2014 5:00:00 AM

A 2011 Aberdeen survey on the impact of sales training shows that the firms that enjoy the most effective return on performance improvement among their sales force share these characteristics:

  •          91% focus on instructor-led training as the most effective training modality.
  •          85% have defined competencies and training for each sales role.
  •          83% use a formal sales methodology – either homegrown or from an external provider.

Salespeople drive the company’s revenue. The last thing a performance-focused learning organization should do is waste a salesperson’s time with training that is redundant, is not relevant to the individual’s specific knowledge and skills, and doesn’t help with a knowledge or skill gap the individual may have. My suggestion is to stop and reflect on what you’re doing with your sales training, making sure you are performance-focused and prepared to enable the sales force you support to gain a high-impact return on the training you provide them. Ask yourself these questions:

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