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The State of Learning Today, a Conversation With Jonathan Halls

Posted by Jeff Tillett on Jun 3, 2014 7:18:00 AM

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jonathan halls,jeff tillett,astd,entirenet,instructional designerThe role of a learning professional is continuously changing with the world around us. As learning development professionals, it’s part of our job to keep up with the opportunities that this changing world presents us and find ways to leverage them.

Technology and the ways we interact with it are driving our behaviors. We don’t access information the same way we did only a short time ago. The Internet is a game changer: we have more access to information than we’ve ever had in the history of civilization. I remember having to spend hours in a library digging through multiple books in order to find one specific bit of information for a report. Today, this type of research could potentially be done in only a few minutes with one Internet search.

Now let’s look at what mobile devices have done for us: we can access information from any place at any time. Access at the time of need for performance support is one of the biggest potential game changers in learning and development today. In some ways, this takes the pressure off the need to know everything all the time. Part of our role now is to act as sort of a knowledge Sherpa for our audience, helping them navigate through the available information to find what they need to succeed in their job.

There are many ways that things are changing in learning and development. In this interview, I sit down with Jonathan Halls to talk about some of these and how we need to change with them. Jonathan Halls is a successful author, trainer, and speaker, and an adjunct professor at George Washington University.


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